Wednesday, June 10, 2009

how does your garden grow??

First thing is first it is my mother's birthday a big Birthday wish from a daughter who loves her very, very much!! this pic was taken about 2 years ago of both of us together.. I love this top on mom!!

Well summer is coming in about 2 weeks it will be the offical day and I have just started weeding.. but I have started so that is the word for today...I have alot more to do that I will get done in the next couple of days cause once I start days I will not have time.

I love working nights cause this is when I get my favorite things done...this is why you see me post many posts and then a dry spell.. working days I feel like I am running from the time I get up until I drop to bed...I know I am not the only one.. but let see some lifting flower pics

I thought this a strange color poppy most of mine are pink but i love the purple and orange together like this and they are HUGE!!

My clematis will always remind me of my mothers garden on the lake she always had these.. and also her house now.. but I love how the three colors come together..
what's left of my irises.. and the coral bells.. the plant on both sides is supposed to be night shade. My mom gave me this and said the leaves will die and then a beautiul flower will appear.. we will wait together to see what happens.

this is looking at the pool a little portion of it...DON'T look at the weeds.. they are coming out this week!!


Aunt Spicy said...

Your flowers are gorgeous! Even the weeds look happy! I can't even keep fake plants looking good! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Carla said...

What gorgeous flowers! I love clematis also. I have one name Henryrii that is white and the blooms are large. Since I moved to Arkansas it is harder to grow them. I had one that wilted but seems to be coming back. I am learning to grow things that do well here. I am growing some beans in my garden that are a foot long. They are very tastey

Carla said...

I love clematis also. They are harder to grow down here in Arkansas then they were in Missouri. The crape myrtles are gorgeous here.

Sandra Henderson said...

Oh wow! I love that top on mom too! If i lived closer, id ask to borrow it! That is, if i were ever going to a plsce where i needed to get dressed up! Lol great photo!
Love your blog!

Kiera-Oona said...

I love your garden! I try with what little space I have on my balcony, but it just isn't the same. I used to have wild poppies growing in my back yard as a kid. I was always fascinated how big they got in terms of the flower size.