Monday, July 20, 2009

some favorites to show you

good morning...the plant below I bought cause I loved the thingy that the flower sits in. I can't remember what it is but it grows beautifully on the side of my house that has no sun and it time I will show you the flowers. click on the pics and you get a better view

I love the color of these poppies that splashe of red in sidet he gorgeous pink

and then we have the princess (Molly) at her window... she is so beautiful and that tail is always up. I am sitting down at the computer from here.

this is the tree in our front yard.. when I moved here it was a bald area around the tree with a little care and the tree trimed up it looks so much better. you can see my guy in the rocks there. White Rose used to be around the corner from us and they closed all the stores (garden craft center) I sure miss it.. they had great garden toys and this was one of them.. he kinda looks like my DH...LOL


Aunt Spicy said...

Ohhhhhhh, all your garden photos are so beautiful! I especially love the cheery faced rock by your tree, what a happy welcome!

Maggie said...

just a reminder our quilt show is coming up next weekend. would love to see you there.

Dorothy said...

The plant in your 'thingy' looks like a honeysuckle. Does it have a lovely fragrance when it flowers? Honeysuckle's do.